Born with passion

ORTOLÉ forges its identity in the search of a unique and audacious style and finds inspiration in the finest eyewear establishments across the world. This quest for elegance is combined to our determination to offer exclusive models at a fair cost and irreprochable quality. ORTOLÉ offers French designer eyewear in limited edition and our models imagined and created in Versailles workshops gather French excellency and refinement. Inspired by a cosmopolitan universe with urban influences, ORTOLÉ sunglasses answer to a “vintage-chic” concept. Our models embody the fusion between modernity, avant-garde and timeless class. More than a simple brand, ORTOLÉ represents a mind set: expressing one’s difference with style.

A brand by passionate people

Aurélie Ortolé created ORTOLÉ in 2020. Thanks to her background as an experienced optician-visagist, and owner of her own designer eyewear shop, she built a brand with a clear mission: creating high-quality models with the finest designs, yet at a reasonable cost.

ORTOLÉ’s designer eyewear collection celebrates spontaneity and diversity, in other words, the beauty of human nature. The brand also values youth and the blend of cultures and skin colors, as well as creativity and audacity -- all of which are principles and qualities of its founder and CEO, Aurélie.

ORTOLÉ brings together eyewear savoir-faire and French luxury expertise with subtlety and spirit.